(Sallalahu Alayhe Wassalam) 


Part - 09

 The first verses revealed to Rasullullah(saw) is the first verses of surah Al-ALAQ (Chapter 96)

Surat 'Surat Al-`Alaq (The Clot) Chapter 96: Verse 1-5

Sahih International
Recite in the name of your Lord who created -
Created man from a clinging substance.
Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous -
Who taught by the pen -
Taught man that which he knew not.

Muhsin Khan
Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),
Has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).
Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,
Who has taught (the writing) by the pen [the first person to write was Prophet Idrees (Enoch)].
Has taught man that which he knew not.

After that The revelation stopped for a while   The whole initial encounter of Rasullullah(saw) with revelation Plus the waiting period that followed after first revelation was to make Rasullullah(saw) Love the Revelation and Miss it.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 009, Book 087, Hadith Number 111.

The narration in Bukhari , .....  But after a few days Waraqa died and the Divine Inspiration was also paused for a while and the Prophet became so sad as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains and every time he went up the top of a mountain in order to throw himself down, Gabriel would appear before him and say, "O Muhammad! You are indeed Allah's Apostle in truth" whereupon his heart would become quiet and he would calm down and would return home...

 Sahih al-Bukhari » Book of Interpretation of Dreams » Hadith - Interpretation of Dreams
Commencement of the Divine Revelation to Allah’s Messenger (saw) was in the form of good dreams

Narrated `Aisha(ra):

The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah's Messenger (saw) was in the form of good righteous (true) dreams in his sleep. He never had a dream but that it came true like bright day light. He used to go in seclusion (the cave of) Hira where he used to worship(Allah Alone) continuously for many (days) nights. He used to take with him the journey food for that (stay) and then come back to (his wife) Khadija to take his food like-wise again for another period to stay, till suddenly the Truth descended upon him while he was in the cave of Hira. The angel came to him in it and asked him to read. The Prophet (saw) replied, "I do not know how to read." (The Prophet (saw) added), "The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and again asked me to read, and I replied, "I do not know how to read," whereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and asked me again to read, but again I replied, "I do not know how to read (or, what shall I read?)." Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me and then released me and said, "Read: In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read and Your Lord is Most Generous...up to..... ..that which he knew not." (96.15) Then Allah's Messenger (saw) returned with the Inspiration, his neck muscles twitching with terror till he entered upon Khadija and said, "Cover me! Cover me!" They covered him till his fear was over and then he said, "O Khadija, what is wrong with me?" Then he told her everything that had happened and said, 'I fear that something may happen to me." Khadija said, 'Never! But have the glad tidings, for by Allah, Allah will never disgrace you as you keep good reactions with your Kith and kin, speak the truth, help the poor and the destitute, serve your guest generously and assist the deserving, calamityafflicted ones." Khadija then accompanied him to (her cousin) Waraqa bin Naufal bin Asad bin `Abdul `Uzza bin Qusai. Waraqa was the son of her paternal uncle, i.e., her father's brother, who during the Pre-Islamic Period became a Christian and used to write the Arabic writing and used to write of the Gospels in Arabic as much as Allah wished him to write. He was an old man and had lost his eyesight. Khadija said to him, "O my cousin! Listen to the story of your nephew." Waraqa asked, "O my nephew! What have you seen?" The Prophet (saw) described whatever he had seen. Waraqa said, "This is the same Namus (i.e., Gabriel, the Angel who keeps the secrets) whom Allah had sent to Moses. I wish I were young and could live up to the time when your people would turn you out." Allah's Messenger (saw) asked, "Will they turn me out?" Waraqa replied in the affirmative and said: "Never did a man come with something similar to what you have brought but was treated with hostility. If I should remain alive till the day when you will be turned out then I would support you strongly." But after a few days Waraqa died and the Divine Inspiration was also paused for a while and the Prophet (saw) became so sad as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains and every time he went up the top of a mountain in order to throw himself down, Gabriel would appear before him and say, "O Muhammad! You are indeed Allah's Messenger (saw) in truth" whereupon his heart would become quiet and he would calm down and would return home. And whenever the period of the coming of the inspiration used to become long, he would do as before, but when he used to reach the top of a mountain, Gabriel would appear before him and say to him what he had said before. (Ibn `Abbas said regarding the meaning of: 'He it is that Cleaves the daybreak (from the darkness)' (6.96) that Al-Asbah. means the light of the sun during the day and the light of the moon at night).


Reference     : Sahih al-Bukhari 6982
In-book reference     : Book 91, Hadith 1
USC-MSA web (English) reference     : Vol. 9, Book 87, Hadith 111
 (deprecated numbering scheme)

After the verses of Surah Al-Alaq the next to reveal was
- Surathul muzammil and
- Surathul mudassir.

But there is a difference in opinion which was first. But there is an agreement that these were 2nd and 3rd set of ayas.

These ayas (ie) from These surah ‘al-Alaq, muzammil, mudassir’ become a manual book for the Daee's. (ie) . We can summarised as ‘IQRA QUM QUM’ a short formula for the Daee. Easy to remember, These are the first Aya’s to train early Muslims in dawa.


IQRAwhich is a command to recite and learn
QUMPray at Night
QUMStand up and Warn

First thing:  is to learn : you study , gain knowledge in religion.
Next to apply this to yourself and start preaching it to others (teach and warn), what you have learn you have to teach .

Ibn-Qayum, says that you don’t attain the complete IMAAN until you go thru the stages of Learning and Teaching and propagating the message of Allah (az-zaujal).

Learning  and Teaching need something to go along with it (ie) IBADAH (forms of nafail (Voluntary) that you do like Qiyam ul Laill). Qiyamullail was mandatory on early Muslims .  Allah(swt) made is mandatory on early Muslims and that was abrogated. However for Rasullullah(saw) it was mandatory for him until he passed away.

This is the complete program. Program of Learning, Applying (Ibadah) and Teaching (dawa), They all compliment each other and assist in building a complete Muslim personality.

The work of Propagating and Teaching could be draining in the heart, without the element of Ibadha (standing up and praying to Allah(Swt) in middle of the night ) the heart could become firm in IMAAN . This Qiyamullail soften the heart and it prepares the person for the rest of the day.  (making Dhikr also count as ibadha)

Ibn Qayum , talks about his sheik Ibn-Taymia : everyday after Saltul FAJR he would go out to the fields in the outskirts of Damascus and sit to mention the Names of ALLAH , making Dhikr until sunrise. Once he asked him why you do this in daily basic, Ibn-Taymia said this is breakfast if I don’t have it my body will fail me.  This is the food for my soul, it gives energy for rest of the day.  “If I don’t have this meal in the morning i will be very weak for rest of my day”.

Rasullullah(saw) was strengthen by this ibada of Qiyammullail. And also Allah(swt) made it mandatory for early Muslims because of the unique circumstance they went thru.  The difficulties that they went thru is more than the ummah will face afterwards. That’s why they had to go thru this intensive training and they are the core group, they are the foundation of ISLAM,

This group is in small in number [Less then 100] who went thru this training, these people become so strong that where every you put them, we can immediately see the influence they have on the people surrounding them. for ex: Ansaar are late comers to Islam
[they become Muslims in last half of the Dawa of 
Rasullullah(saw)] . because of Muhajireen  came in and mixed with them , in the initial stage Rasullullah(saw) made a brother hood , he will have one Ansari and one Muhajir, this gave the Muhajireen to help the Ansar in the religious aspects.  And Ansar helped the Muhajireen in financial and social support that they need it.. 

 What was the response of the people of Quraish to the DAWA of Rasullullah(saw)
They responded in various different ways

1)    Mockery
2)    Insulting and Harming the messenger(saw)
3)    Character assassination (acquisition)
4)    Defaming the message
5)    Bargaining and Negotiating with 
6)    Alerments and Temptations
7)    Setting challenges
8)    Putting 
Rasullullah(saw) under pressure (Discussed in Next Part, Part -10)
9)    Jealousy and Hatred
(Discussed in Next Part, Part -10)
10)    Persecution (Discussed in Next Part, Part -10)
11)    Assassination attempts (Discussed in Next Part, Part -10)

Allah(swt) Says : 
Surat Al-Furqa'n (The Criterian) 25:41

Sahih International
And when they see you, [O Muhammad], they take you not except in ridicule, [saying], "Is this the one whom Allah has sent as a messenger?

Muhsin Khan
And when they see you (O Muhammad saw), they treat you only as a mockery (saying):"Is this the one whom Allah has sent as a Messenger? 

They were saying did’nt Allah Find any one else to send (ie) no one better to send except you?  They will make fun of Rasullullah(saw) they will mock at him .  Even though Rasullullah(saw) belongs to the noblest family , He had the most outstanding character in Quraish. Because he wasn’t the wealthiest , because he wasn’t the most powerful , They make fun of him. People were attracted to those who have wealth and power.

When the Bani Israel (mentioned in Surah Al BAKRA) When bani Israel went to their prophat and they said we want to appoint a king over us so that we can fight in jihad . King appointed by Nabi was Taluth. They refused , even though they are the one who asked Nabi to appoint a king/leader, when Nabi appointed they rejected , they refused the leader ship of Talut , why? He does not have lot of money

Surat Al-Baqarah  [2:247] 

 "How can he be a king over us when we are better fitted than him for the kingdom, and he has not been given enough wealth."

And When 
Rasullullah(saw) went to TAIF. One of the Man in TAIF told Rasullullah(saw) , didn’t Allah find anyone better then you to send as a prophet. They will mock Rasullullah(saw) they will make fun of him..

Laat and Uzza:  The names ‘Lat’, ‘Uzza’, ‘Manat’ and ‘Hubaal’ were four amongst the 360+ names and images assigned to the self-invented and false deities, gods and goddesses which were worshipped by the pagans of Arabia at the time of the advent of the Prophet (saws).

These four self-invented and false deities were recognized and honored as the principal idols of pagan Arab idolatry in the days of ignorance in Arabia.

Manat" The shrine of the supposed goddess Manat was situated at Qudaid by the Red Sea between the cities of Makkah and Madinah; and the Arab tribes of Khuzaah, Aus, and Khazraj were its principal devotees.

 Uqba ibn Abu Mu'ayt:  Family lineage: ‘Uqbah ibn Abu Mu‘ay ibn Abu ‘Amr ibn Umaiyah ibn ‘Abdu Shams
He was married to Arwa bint Quraiz ibn Rab‘ah of Banu ‘Abdu Shams clan. Arwa later married ‘Affan ibn Abu al-‘as and bore ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan which made ‘Uqbah his stepfather. He had two sons, Walid ibn Uqba and 'Ammara ibn 'Uqbah and one daughter Umm Kulthum bint Uqba, all becoming Muslims.
According to numerous authentic and trustworthy sources such as a number of narrations in Sahih Bukhari, and Ibn Sa'd's biographical compendium, the Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Uqba was killed in the field of battle, during the Battle of Badr'ayt
 The second type of response shown by Quraish was ‘Insulting and Harming’ Muhammad (saw)

Insulting and Harming the messenger(saw):

 Sahih Muslim » Book of Characteristics of the Day of Judgment, Paradise, and Hell »

Chapter : The Words Of Allah: "Verily, Man Does Transgress Because He Considers Himself Self-Sufficient."

Abu Huraira reported that Abu Jahl asked (people) whether Mubammad placed his face (on the ground) in their presence. It was said to him:

Yes. He said: By Laat and Uzza. If I were to see him do that, I would trample his neck, or I would beamear his face with dust. He came to Allah's Messenger (saw) as he was engaged in prayer and thought of trampling his neck (and the people say) that he came near him but turned upon his heels and tried to repulse something with his hands. It was said to him: What is the matter with you? He said: There is between me and him a ditch of fire and terror and wings. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace he upon him) said: If he were to come near me the angels would have torn him to pieces.


Reference                 : Sahih Muslim 2797
In-book reference             : Book 52, Hadith 21
USC-MSA web (English) reference         : Book 39, Hadith 6718
(deprecated numbering scheme)

A story mentioned in Sahih Muslim, Abu Huraira narrates the story that Abu Jahal came to some of the leaders of Quraish who were sitting next to the Kabaa and asked them,” Are you allowing Muhammad to rub his face in the dirt (meaning making sujood to Allah (swt))? If I see him do that I will trample over his neck and I would rub his face in the dirt”.

When Prophet (saw) did come and started to pray publicly in front of the Kabaa, Abu Jahal walked up to the Prophet while he was in sujood and suddenly they (the Quraish leaders) saw Abu Jahal falling back and he was waving with his hands like someone who is trying to repulse a danger that is about to befall him.

Abu Jahal came back and they (the Quraish  leaders) asked him “What was wrong with you”? He replied,” Didn’t you see what happened”? They say,” No, we only saw you falling on your back and waving your hands”. Abu Jahil then said, there was a trench in front of me, and there was fire, wings and terror. Later prophet Muhammad (saw) said those were the Angels guarding him, if he would have come any closer to me, they would have torn him (Abu Jahal) into pieces.

Abu Jahl means Father of Folly, whose real name was ‘Amr ibn Hisham. Abu Jahl was the mock name given to him by the Muslims

Ukba bin Abi Muayt one day came to 
Rasullullah(saw) next to Al-Kaba [Rasullullah(saw) pray publicly and they will always stop him doing that). Grabbed his cloths and started wrapping it around the neck of Rasullullah(saw)  trying to chock him.  Until Abu-bkr (ra) stepped in and pushed him away and he said “Do you want to kill a man just because he says my Lord is ALLAH”
For some people do not mind being hurt, cursed and humiliated they have naturally thick skin and they are not sensitive at all , but Anbiya of Allah they have lot of sensitive and dignity these type of things hurt them and harm them a lot . They all had very respectable personally , when such things happen these are very insulting events to them , this was hurting 
Rasullullah(saw) a lot but he was continuing doing his Dawa and he will follow what Allah(swt) told him ‘Just ignore the ignorant’. Rasullullah(saw) will not response to them , would not fight with them (at this stage) he will go on with his work..
Al-Lat: The shrine of the supposed goddess Al-Lat was placed in the city of Taif, and the Arab tribe of Banu Thaqeef were its main devotees.

 Al-Uzza: The shrine of the supposed goddess Al-Uzza was situated at a place called Hurad in the valley of Nakhlah, which is situated between the cities of Makkah and Taif.  The Arab tribe of the Banu Shaibaan, who happened to be the allies of the tribe of Banu Hashim, were its main attendees.

Hubaal: Hubaal was apparently the biggest and most honored deity amongst the many gods of pagan Quraish of Makkah

 Sahih Bukhari

Narrated `Abdullah bin Mas`ud(ra):
Once the Prophet (saw) was offering prayers at the Ka`ba. Abu Jahl was sitting with some of his companions. One of them said to the others, "Who amongst you will bring the Abdominal contents (intestines, etc.) of a camel of Bani so and so and put it on the back of Muhammad, when he prostrates?" The most unfortunate of them got up and brought it. He waited till the Prophet (saw) prostrated and then placed it on his back between his shoulders. I was watching but could not do any thing. I wish I had some people with me to hold out against them. They started laughing and falling on one another. Allah's Messenger (saw) was in prostration and he did not lift his head up till Fatima (Prophet's daughter) came and threw that (camel's Abdominal contents) away from his back. He raised his head and said thrice, "O Allah! Punish Quraish." So it was hard for Abu Jahl and his companions when the Prophet invoked Allah against them as they had a conviction that the prayers and invocations were accepted in this city (Mecca). The Prophet (saw) said, "O Allah! Punish Abu Jahl, `Utba bin Rabi`a, Shaiba bin Rabi`a, Al-Walid bin `Utba, Umaiya bin Khalaf, and `Uqba bin Al Mu'it  (and he mentioned the seventh whose name I cannot recall). By Allah in Whose Hands my life is, I saw the dead bodies of those persons who were counted by Allah's Messenger (saw) in the Qalib (one of the wells) of Badr


Reference             : Sahih al-Bukhari 240
In-book reference         : Book 4, Hadith 107
USC-MSA web (English) reference     : Vol. 1, Book 4, Hadith 241

Another incident that was narrated by Bukhari.  Rasullullah(saw) was praying next to Al-Kaba and Abu-Jahal came to the leaders of Qurish , he told them so and so has slaughtered a camel , who will go and pick up the content of the abdomen of the camel and dump it on Rasullullah(saw) in solah. So the most evil among them ‘Ukba bin Abi Muayt’ he took up this challenge and grabbed all of the inside of the abdomen ‘the intestine and stomach’ he carried it and waited until the Rasullullah(saw) goes to the position of SUJOODH and he dumped it over him . Rasullullah(saw) continued in his sujoodh, as if nothing happen . Then her daughter Fatima (rah) saw what had happen to her father. (her age was around 5 to 10 yrs, some says she was born when Rasullullah(saw) was 35 others says when he(saw) was 41.)

BTW its very hurting to the children when their parents being humiliated.  Psychiatrist in Palestine says that the psychology of children in Palestine is vastly effected by seeing their parents humiliated, abused, hit and kick by Israeli soldiers in front of them.  We have entire generation of children who are growing up seeing their parents going thru all of this abuse , these psychiatrist says the it leaves very dangerous marks on their personalities

So Fatima (rah) saw this was happening to her father and she ran up to him she started taking all of that dirt from the shoulder of her father. 
Rasullullah(saw) when he finished his solah. He made a dua he did this dua publicly in front of the Qurish he said

“O Allah Punish
  1. Abu-Jahal
  2. Utba bin rabiya
  3. Shaiba bin Rabi'a,
  4. Al Walid bin 'Utba,
  5. Ubai bin Khalaf and
  6. Ukba bin Abi Muayt’
He made dua against 7, narrator (Abdullah bin masood) mentioned only 6 and God knows who is 7th. )

Rasullullah(saw) made dua against them, this is very rare that Rasullullah(saw) made dua against some people . So it understood that Rasullullah(saw) was so hurt and he made dua against them and it was made front of KABA.  The narrator of this HAdith ‘Abdullah bin massod’ said I have seen in my own eyes all of these men were killed in battle of BADR (2AH) . That was the fulfilment of the dua of Rasullullah(saw) they all died in KUFR.

These are the some example Insulting and Harmind’ Muhammad (saw) but thr are many other examples as well. 

Ref: 01_03_04
3.Accusations or Character assassination:

The non believers would try to attack the character of the Prophet in order to destroy the message. They would accuse the Prophet of being insane, magician, liar, soothsayer etc. in order to assassinate the character of the Prophet (saw).  The purpose of that is to destroy the message itself

Surat Al-Hijr (Chapter : The Rocky Tract) Chapter 15: Verse 6

Sahih International
And they say,"O you upon whom the message has been sent down, indeed you are mad.

Muhsin Khan
And they say: "O you (Muhammad SAW ) to whom the Dhikr (the Quran) has been sent down! Verily, you are a mad man.

Surat Al-'An'Aam (The Cattle) Chapter 06: Verse 33

Sahih International
We know that you, [O Muhammad], are saddened by what they say. And indeed, they do not call you untruthful, but it is the verses of Allah that the wrongdoers reject.

Muhsin Khan
We know indeed the grief which their words cause you (O Muhammad SAW): it is not you that they deny, but it is the Verses (the Quran) of Allah that the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) deny.

Ukaz, Majanna and Dhul-Majaz, Markets From Jahiliyyah
They do not disbelieve you but they are rejecting the signs of Allah (swt).”  Allah (Swt) is saying that they don’t really have any problem with you, they do not disbelieve you, deep in their hearts they know that you are truthful and honest but it is because they want to reject the message that is why they are attacking you. So all of these attacks that you are receiving, is not because of your character it is because of the MESSAGE, the religion you are propagating.  This will take us back to the words of Waraqha-bin-naufal , in the early days he told Muhammad (saw) ‘you will be driven out of your land’  then he (saw) replied “ME”, they will drive me out of my land ? Because he(saw) knew that he is so admire and loved by the people of MAKKAH.  He could not imagine that one day they will drive out of his own land , but Warakha-bin-naufal said anyone who had presented his people with the message similar to yours would be fought , he will have enemies , So its not your but its the message.

When the Prophet (pbuh) used to go to the market place (market place in makkah is just not for dealing the business but also dealing with our affairs, poetry, speeches competition to attract the crowd,it also the cultural centre and best of these poems will be hang on the wall of the Al-KABA , they were called Al-mu’allaqath, The hang poems )

 Sahih Bukhari >> Book of Hajj (Pilgrimage) » Hadith
Trading during the time of Hajj

 Narrated Ibn ' `Abbas:

Dhul-Majaz and `Ukaz were the markets of the people during the Pre-Islamic period of ignorance. When the people embraced Islam, they disliked to do bargaining there till the following Holy Verses were revealed:-- There is no harm for you If you seek of the bounty Of your Lord (during Hajj by trading, etc.) (2.198)


Reference             : Sahih al-Bukhari 1770
In-book reference         : Book 25, Hadith 246
USC-MSA web (English) reference    : Vol. 2, Book 26, Hadith 822
(deprecated numbering scheme)

Sahih International
There is no blame upon you for seeking bounty from your Lord [during Hajj]. But when you depart from 'Arafat, remember Allah at al- Mash'ar al-Haram. And remember Him, as He has guided you, for indeed, you were before that among those astray.

Muhsin Khan
There is no sin on you if you seek the Bounty of your Lord (during pilgrimage by trading, etc.). Then when you leave 'Arafat, remember Allah (by glorifying His Praises, i.e. prayers and invocations, etc.) at the Mash'ar-il-Haram. And remember Him (by invoking Allah for all good, etc.) as He has guided you, and verily, you were, before, of those who were astray. 

Rabiya ibn abi Abad , he says that I saw the Messenger of Allah (saw) in the market of ‘Dhul-Majaz, He(saw) O People say “there is no god But ALLAH and you will prosper “Qoolu La Ilaha IllAllah (swt) Tuflihu” he will repeat this message again and again and walk meeting different people . Rabiya ibn abiabd said  there was a man following him and who ever Rasullullah(saw) speak to this man would go  and speak to and say “Dont belive him he is a liar”  then Rabiya ibn abi abd says “I asked people around” who is this person, they replied that “he is his (saw) uncle”  (Rabiya was not from makkah)
This is so difficult that whatever Rasullullah(saw) tie/winded , Abu lahab is unwinding it. Abu Lahab will destroy it whatever Rasullullah(saw) do.

In our normal life, we do get rewarded for the work we do for our day today life. We get reward in different forms like finance support, reorganization, support from our co-workers and leaders.  But without gaining any rewards its difficult or almost impossible to carry on our work. But this is not in the case of Anbiyas, they carry on their dawa work again and again. Ex Nuh (as)  Giving Dawa day and night , publicly and privately with no response what so ever he sees no fruits at all for 950 years.  Rasullullah(saw) going to speaking to the people whom he don’t know him , he speaking to foreigners in the FAIR of ‘Dhul-Majaz’ (market place) as soon as she speak someone came and destroys his reputation by saying he is a liar. Nevertheless Rasullullah(saw) continued what he was doing neglecting his uncle what he was doing to him.

Walid ibn al-Mughira:
was the chief of the Banu Makhzum clan of the Quraish Tribe. His clan was responsible for warfare related matters.
His son Khalid ibn al-Walid was a prominent companion (sahabi) of the Prophet Muhammad and is considered the greatest general and one of the most famous people of the ensuing Islamic Empire during the Rashidun era.
Right before the season of al-HAJJ , al-Walid bin Muqaira , who was the elder of the Quraish.  He addressed a meeting of the leaders of the community, he told them that the season of HAJJ is approaching and the delegation of ARABS will start pouring in.  Let unified our opinion regarding this associates of yours and let’s not contradict each other.  What Walid  bin-al Mugaira is referring to here is that ‘Muhammad (saw) will be visiting them and speaking to them.

Walid bin mugaira said that we should not contradict like some of us saying he is a liar, some says he is a magician; some says he is a soothsayer etc. We have to have the unified opinion in order to go to the people and warn them.
Some of them in the meeting decided ‘Sooth sayer’ He (walid) responded NO, he is not soothsayer, I have seen sooth sayer he doesn’t engaged in the rhymes mumbling and doggerel they used – People are not going to believe you, if you say he is a soothsayer

They said let say he is crazy, he (walid bin mugaira) replied he is not crazy , we have seen and known those who are crazy . He has none of their choking, eradicate movement and mumbling . He does not show the sign of the people of sane or obsess by JIN.
Then they said we all will claim that he is a poet. , He (walid bin muqaira) said no he is not a poet , we know poetry and all its metrical forms and what he speak is not poetry . (Walid bin muqaira, in another narration said that I am the expert among you in poetry, i know all of the poems and Quran is not Poetry)

Then he said lets claim that he is a sorcerer, he said no ‘He is not a sorcerer’ we have seen sorcerer and their magic, what he is doing is not magic.

They all said what they could able to say about 
Rasullullah(saw) and Walid bin mugaira said this won’t make sense.

Then later m they all finally accepted to say that he is a sorcerer, before that he said “by god there is a splendour (A quality that outshines the usual)  in what he speaks  , in a sense he is like a palm tree whose branches gives much fruits, All you are saying will not be believed , The closes thing for you to say is ‘this man is a sorcerer who comes in between the man and his religion , and a man and his father, and a man and his wife, and man and his brother, and a man and his tribe, that is the closest that we can come to agree that he is a sorcerer.

 Allah (swt) revealed the aya

Surat Al-Muddaththir 74 Verse 11 to 24   [Chapter The Cloaked One]
Sahih International
Leave Me Alone (to deal) with whom I created Alone (without any means, i.e. Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah Al-Makhzumi)!
And then granted him resources in abundance.
And children to be by his side!
And made life smooth and comfortable for him!
After all that he desires that I should give more;
Nay! Verily, he has been stubborn and opposing Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.).
I shall oblige him to (climb a slippery mountain in the Hell-fire called As-Sa'ud, or to) face a severe torment!
Verily, he thought and plotted;
So let him be cursed! How he plotted!
And once more let him be cursed, how he plotted!
Then he thought;
Then he frowned and he looked in a bad tempered way;
Then he turned back and was proud;
Then he said: "This is nothing but magic from that of old

4.Deforming or Defaming the Message:

There was a person named [An Nazar bin Haris] who went to Persia specifically to learn stories, after he returned, whenever he used to see the Prophet (saw) talking to the people he would call the people to him and would say,” Come to me, I have better stories to tell”. According to him, whatever Muhammad (saw) is saying are stories, fables nothing more than that, he (Prophet) is just making things up.

Allah (swt) Says

Surat Al-Furqa'n (The Criterian) 25:5
Sahih International
And they say, "Legends of the former peoples which he has written down, and they are dictated to him morning and afternoon."
Muhsin Khan
And they say: "Tales of the ancients, which he has written down, and they are dictated to him morning and afternoon."
So they just want to tell that this is storytelling, tales and fabricated and untrue.  Who knows what happen to Musa, Isa and other Anbiya , he just telling you stories. There is no basis what he is narrating to you.

5.Bargaining or Negotiating with Prophet Muhammad (saw):

The people of Quraish came to the Prophet(saw) one day and said,” Let’s make a deal, we will agree to worship Allah for one day and you worship our gods for one day”. The Prophet(saw) said, “I would never agree to do such a thing”. They came back sometime later and said,” We have a better offer to make, we will worship Allah for a week and you just worship our gods only for 1 day. The Prophet(saw) said, “No”. They came back again and said,” We would worship Allah for 1 month and you just worship our gods for 1 day”. Rasullullah(saw) said, “No”.

Then Allah (swt) revealed the verse,” They would wish that you would compromise so that they can compromise with you”.

Surat Al-Qalam (The Pen)
The point is that their religion is manmade/artificial so they could compromise in it, they could make changes in it according to their wish. It’s ok for them to worship Allah for a day and their gods the other days, its fine with them as they could control it. But Rasullullah(saw) was getting revelation [wahee] from Allah (swt), he cannot change it, he cannot compromise with the message. Even if they worship Allah for a year Rasullullah(saw) would have never worshipped their gods for a single moment. At that moment, Allah (swt) revealed Surah Kafiruun. After this, the non believers got more aggravated.

They tried all the ways of bargaining with 
Rasullullah(saw) it will never work it for them.  They are all upset, how come when we could offered to do and they are wondering how come Rasullullah(saw) cannot do it.   Why we have to always keep on compromising and bargaining and he is super gating. This made them more aggravated and Rasullullah(saw) keep on saying I am just conveyor of the message it is not from myself it is from Allah(swt)

Qusai ibn Kilab ibn Murrah (Qusayy or Kusayy) (ca. 400 – 480) was the great-grandfather of Shaiba ibn Hashim (Abdul-Mutallib). He was fifth in the line of descent to the Islamic Muhammad, and attained supreme power at Makkah. Qusai is amongst the ancestors of Sahaba and the progenitor of the Quraysh
He was born into the famous Quraysh tribe. His father was Kilab ibn Murrah who was a descendant of Ibrahim (Abraham) through his son Isma'il (Ishmael) died when Qusai was an infant. His elder brother Zuhrah ibn Kilab was the progenitor of the Banu Zuhrah clan. After his father's death his mother Fatimah bint Sa'd ibn Sayl married Rabi'ah ibn Haram from the Bani Azra tribe, who took her with him to as-Sham where she gave birth to a son called Darraj.
6 & 7.Temptations, Allurements and Setting Challenges: 

Ibn Ishaaq narrates that Ibn Abbas (ra) said that the leaders of Quraish met in front of the Kabaa and they said “Lets sent for Muhammad and speak with him and we want to exhaust all different ways and we don’t want to give him any excuse let’s try everything with him”. Then they sent someone for him (Prophet).

Ibn Abbas (ra) said that Muhammad (saw) came eagerly in a hurry, thinking that there might be a change of hearts in the Quraish, when he arrived they (Utbah ) started talking by saying,” O Muhammad, we sent for you to reconcile with you, by god we know of no Arab man who has ever brought his people as much trouble as you have”.

-    You have criticize the religion
-    Ridicules the values
-    Curse the Gods.
-    And Divided our community
-    Every possible things you have done that will make the risk between you and us
-    We have never seen a person who has brought the so much Evil on his people like you have.

And now they are starting to throw out the temptations towards Prophet (saw) by offering him by making him the wealthiest among them, making him the king over them, marrying him with the most beautiful women , we will chose the best 10 women amount Qurish and marry them all to you and if he (Prophet) thinks he (prophet) is sick, they would spend all their wealth to cure him (prophet).

The Prophet (saw) replied,” What you have said, does not apply to me. I have not brought you my message seeking your money, nor honour among you, nor sovereignty over you. Allah has sent me to you as a messenger, he has revealed a document to me and has ordered me to bring you good news and warn you. I have brought a message from my Lord and I have given you council. If you accept what I have brought you then that is for your good on earth and in the hereafter. If you reject it, I will await Allah’s decision until he decides between me and you”.  (These are the approximate words of Muhammad (saw)).

Hearing this, they started to ask Muhammad (saw) to perform miracles:
Makkah is such a narrow valley surrounded by mountains. Mountains all over , and it’s a very rough environment they said to Muhammed (saw) how narrow our land is and you know how poor we are and how difficult is our life is . How about if you go to your Lord who have sent to you and you tell him to move these Mountains away, just level them give us more space and land. Why don’t you ask him to flow some rivers in Mecca like the rivers of Syria and Iraq , we want to have some rivers like other peoples have and also we want you to go to you Lord and tell him to bring back the life for some of our forefathers and we want to bring the life of Qusai bin kilab we want to ask him what you are saying is True or Not.

And Muhammad  if you bring/do what we say and our forefathers agree what you way then we will follow you. Prophet Muhammad (saw) responded and said,” This is not why I have been sent; I have only brought you from Allah what he has sent me with. I have informed you of what I was sent to convey to you. If you accept it, then that is your good fortune on earth and in the hereafter and if you reject it, I must wait patiently for God’s decree and for him to judge between us”. 

Then they asked him to ask Allah to sent down an Angel who will witness to your truth and as we want to ask him to give us some wealth, some castles, treasures and also give you some wealth as well if you are prestigious person from God. In reply, Prophet (saw) replied,” I’m not going to do so; I’m not wanted to ask such things of His Lord. That is not why I have been sent to you. God has sent me to announce and warn. If you accept it, then that is your good fortune on earth and in the hereafter and if you reject it, I must wait patiently for God’s decree and for him to judge between us”. Then they asked the prophet to bring down the punishment of which the prophet was warning them. Prophet replied,” That is up to God, if he wishes, he will do that to you”. 

They asked Muhammad (saw) doesn’t your lord knows that we are going to ask these questions, how come he is not coming to you and help you out.  We know who is teaching all these, you have been thought these Quran by a man in Yamama called Ar-Rahaman and we never going to believe in that man.

Hearing this they left the place but one of them who happened to be a distant cousin of the Prophet returned (Abdullah bin umiya) and told the prophet that

People have offered you best offer and you turned them down and they asked you to perform miracle for them and you refused and they asked you to bring the punishment on them and you didn’t.  Now tell you what, i am not going to believe in you even if you bring the Ladder that goes up all the way to heaven , then you clime it while I am watching you and you go up to Allah and you asked him to write down for you a letter stating that you are his prophet and have him sign it and we want that document to come down accompanied with 4 angles to be witness that you are a messenger from God , even if you do that I think I am not going to believe in you  Dead end

It was like a dead end. Prophet Muhammad (saw) was dealing with such people. This was the environment Prophet Muhammad (saw) was working in. The Prophet (saw) went back home regretful. He was expecting good from his people when he was invited to them but suddenly he was turned down in this ruthless fashion.

 End of Part - 9