(Sallalahu Alayhe Wassalam) 


Part - 10

The response of the people of Quraish to the DAWA of Rasullullah(saw)
They responded in various different ways

1)    Mockery
(Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
2)    Insulting and Harming the messenger(saw) (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
3)    Character assassination (acquisition) (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
4)    Defaming the message (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
5)    Bargaining and Negotiating with Rasullullah(saw) (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
6)    Alerments and Temptations (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
7)    Setting challenges (Discussed in Previous Part, Part -9)
8)    Putting Rasullullah(saw) under pressure
9)    Jealousy and Hatred

10)    Persecution
11)    Assassination attempts

8) Putting Rasulullah(saw) under pressure , they were persistence they never gave up , they keep on trying every method including using his uncle Abu-talib to pressure him .

Akhil the son of Abu-Talib he narrates and says that , the people of Quraish came to Abu-Talib told him the nephew of yours is disrupting and disturbing us in our meeting  and in our Mass. So they consider the dawah of Rasulullah(Saw) distruption so tell him to stay away from us . Abutalib said to Akhil go and call Muhammad for me , Akhil said he found him in kanas , kanas means a small room or a small tent it was a noon time and very hot time in Mecca, rasulullah(saw) came to meet his uncle Abu-talib
Abu-Talib told him that your people are complaining that your are disrupting and disturbing their meetings. Abu-Talib was not speaking to Rasulullah(Saw) in a tone of order but but he was telling as an advice to stop disturbing their meetings in very kind way.

Rasulullah(Saw) told Abu-Talib , Rasulullah(saw) looked at the sky and point to the sun and told him, Oh my uncle do you see the SUN, he said yes. Rasulullah(saw) said I am no more capable of stopping that then you are getting me a flame from it. In other words it’s impossible for me to stop this. Just like it’s impossible for you to get a flame from the Sun. This is part of me Dawa is my life spreading Islam is my mission I cannot give it up, its impossible.

And also a narrations that Rasulullah(Saw) said that if they put sun on my right hand and moon on my left hand I will not give up this matter until Allah(Swt) judges or loss my life, this is the weaker narration but we find the same meaning in stronger narrations. His uncle told him Oh my nephew I believe you and go ahead, I will support you. Do what Allah has told you to do.
People of Qurish are using every method to try to stop Mohammed (saw) they never gave up.

When Messenger(saw) told the sahaba to go to Al-Abyssinia so that they can flee from persecution , still Qurish were not satisfied and they sent a delegation to ask An-najashi to turn over. Why?

Were  the Muslims in Abyssinia threat to Qurish politically?, No,

Were they threat to Qurish economically?, No.

What is the reason that Qurish so persistence in following Muslims even thou Muslims left them alone? The issue here, even Rasulullah(Saw) would have stopped they would not have left  Rasulullah(saw) alone , The people of Qurish wanted to stop this message by all means possible.

If you leave them alone they would not leave you alone.

Walid ibn al-Mughira: was the chief of the Banu Makhzum clan of the Quraish Tribe. His clan was responsible for warfare related matters.  As one of the leaders of Quraish in the pre-Islamic era, Walid ibn Mughira was one of the richest men of the Quraish. He reportedly financed a quarter of the costs to rebuild the Kaaba (Qaaba) in Mecca with the rest of the clans combined contributing the rest.
9) Jealousy and Hatred

Al-Waleed bin Al-Mugheerah (f/o of Khalid bin walid) one of the elder of Qurish he said, Allah wanted to choose a Prophet how come he did not choose me?  I am more wealthy and Wise and older then Mohammed (Saw) and similar plan made by a man in TAIF.

The Two prominent towns of HIJAZ were Mecca and TAIF.

Allah(Swt) revealed.

Surat Az-Zukhruf (The Ornaments of Gold) Verse 43:31

Sahih International
And they said, "Why was this Qur'an not sent down upon a great man from [one of] the two cities?"
Muhsin Khan
And they say: "Why is not this Quran sent down to some great man of the two towns (Makkah and Ta'if)?" 

Al-Mughira ibn Shu'ba, who was from TAIF visiting Mecca , he said (This hadith is narrated by Al-Byhaqi)

Al-Mughira ibn Shu'ba said, my first contact with Rasulullah(saw) was happen one day when I am walking with Abu-Jahal in the streets of Mecca and we ran in to Mohammed(saw) and he(saw) walked up to us ,spoke to Abu-Jahal and said why don’t you follow me, believe in Allah, believe in Islam (he saw giving  abu-jahal dawa) Abu-Jahal responded saying , oh Mohammed when are you going to stop cursing our GODS. If you want us to Testify that you have fulfilled your mission we will testify for you and if I knew that you are telling the Truth I would have already followed you, Mohammed(saw) left.  (The meaning here is Abu-Jahal saying that if you want us to witness for you that you pass the message in front of Allah we will do it for you, we will tell Allah you have done your job, just leave us alone, if you are telling the truth then I would have accepted it, then Mohammed(saw) left) .  Al-Mughira ibn Shu'ba said, Abu-Jahal looked at me and said I know that he is saying the Truth but some thing holding me back.

The Descendents of Qusayy (Qusayy bin Kalab)  , said we want to have hijaba , these are honors of Quraish (The power and authority of Quraish, details in the early mecca period chapters),

  1. Al Hijaba: controlled the guardianship of al-Kaaba
  2. Al- Siqaaya and Nifaada: which is the provision food and water to pilgrims
  3. An-Nadwa :was the assembly of Quraish
  4. Al-Luwa: banner of war.

The descendents of Qusayy said they want the Authority of An-Nadwa,  Hijaba, Al-luwa  we gave it to them and they also want Al- Siqaaya and Nifaadawe we gave it to them, now we started to picking and competing with them neck to neck , they come up and say we have a prophet among us , how can we compete with that? By god we never going to accept this. Abu jahal is telling that this is the competition of power and authority struggle between us and the family of Rasulullah(Saw) . They have been given all of the authorities of Mecca and now we want to catch up with them competing with them, we can compete with them by proving food and water to pilgrimage and this sort of stuff, but we cannot compete with prophet hood. None of us can compete with Quran that given to Mohammed(Saw) , so we never going to admit that’s a truth , because if we do that means they have won against us. So it’s a matter of power and authority, so we can see the element of jealousy and hatred and not willing to give power, that’s why you will find again and again in Quran that Usually that the one who are most out spoken and violent in their rejection of the message of the prophets s are the ones in authority the people of power, why? They fear that this message will change the status core. This will strip us over the ability to take advantage of others, to enslave others, this is the religion that will make people flee from worshipping people to worshipping Allah, These are refer in Quran as ‘Al-mala” , whenever you have the word Al-mala (ex Quran Surat Al-A'raf 7:127) , its referring to leadership,

This comes up with
  1. Feron,
  2. People of Adh ,
  3. People of Solahe.
Mughira ibn Shu'ba  was one of the more prominent companions of Muhammad. He belonged to the tribe of Thaqif of Ta'if.

Mughira ibn Shu'ba

Umayyah ibn Khalaf ibn Safwan was a Meccan Arab, a leading member of the Quraish and head of the of Bani Jumah. He is best known as the master of Bilal ibn Ribah(ra), a slave he tortured for converting to Islam.  Ref:

10 Persecution:

In spite of so many harsh ways of oppositions as discussed above, he was not persecuted , it was a protection from Allah(swt) towards Rasulullah(saw). Allah(swt) protect Rasulullah(saw) through His Uncle Abu-Talib in early years. Later on people tried to assassinate him Allah(swt) protected him even though his Uncle Abu-Talib has died.  Rasulullah(saw) was not persecuted but it was his followers that were persecuted. The persecution of his followers use to hurt Rasulullah(saw) a lot, because he cared about him so much. Pretty much all of them went thru one form of persecution or another.  In one statement of Ibn-Ishaq he said that “They will wrap them in the shield of IRON and leave them on the sun to burn”. [They will close them in the shield of iron and leave them in the hot sun of Mecca]. The strongest among the sahaba in fighting the persecution was Bilal-ibn-raba (ra)  . More they will persecute him stronger he will become. He was asked how come you were punished so harsh and you will say ‘Ahad un Ahad”.,  [Allah is one Allah is one], how come you chose that slogan?.  Bilal(ra) said I found that when I say “Ahad un ahad” it will make them angry. This statement will anger them the most. That’s why I will say “ahad un ahad”. Bilal(ra) was not working on the way to reduce the punishment he did not care about that. The statement of ibn-ishaq is “He sold himself to Allah(saw)” He gave up his life for Allah(swt). He will say ‘ahad un ahad” Umayyah bin kalaf will become angry and add the punishment but bilal (ra) will say it more louder. Wouldn’t give up.

Persecution to some other slave like Sumiyaa, her husband and her son. Yassir and Sumiyaa both killed under the sever tormenting of abu-Jahal . In one narration it was said that Abu-Jahal Struck sumaiya with his spear  in her private part until he killed her. All of this was becoming so much to Ammar-ibn-yasir (ra) it’s a combination of psychological pain and physical pain. Her mother and father were going thru the sever tormenting Ammar(Ra) buckled under this pressure and spoken some words against Rasulullah(saw) when he woke up and went to Rasulullah(saw) sadly and narrated the incident to Rasululah(saw). Allah(swt) revealed an aya dealing with that particular situation. Saying that “ one is excused to speak some words with the tongue under this torture if the heart is confident with it. , if the heart is firm on Emaan and has yakeen it is ok for a person to speak because Allah(swt) does not over burden a person This is un bearable pain that Amaar ibn yasir(ra) was going thru.,

Torture were not only limited to slaves but also to some of the nobility people
1)    Utman ibn Afaan: Belonging to one of the nobelest family of Qurish
2)    Banu Umaiya: He was wrapped in a carpet then they will jump over him and crushed him inside the carpet.

This persecution happen to all the sahabas except some exceptional once those who had backup and some sympathy from the non-believers relatives.  

The extremist in punishment and who mobilized the people of Qurish was Abu Jahal. He was the leader in evil. When he(abu jahal) heard the person who accepted Islam who had the status and influence, he would abbrand and insult him saying you have abandoned the religion of your father. A Man better then you, we will depreciate your value, disagree your opinion and destroy your reputation. If the Muslim is the merchant we will boycott the business with you and we will ruin you.  If the Muslim was defense less abu-jahal will beat him up and insight against him, May Allah(swt) punish him. AbuJahal was the spear head of the  of Qurish against the Muslims in Mecca. 

Omar bin kathaab , he had a slave gal , that he will torture her , some times he would stop and will say don’t think that I am giving you a break because  I am having sympathy on you , the only reason I am stopped because I am tired. Otherwise I will continue.

Character Assassination : They tried to destroy the message by distorting the image of the messenger, when that did not work , they tried to eliminate the messenger. And these attempt where made after Abu-Talib passed away, they know that thr is no away of assassinating Mohammed (saw) is not possible during the life of abu-Talib . Allah(swt) says:

Surat Al-'Anfāl (The Spoils of War) 08:30

Sahih International
And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.

Muhsin Khan
And (remember) when the disbelievers plotted against you (O Muhammad SAW) to imprison you, or to kill you, or to get you out (from your home, i.e. Makkah); they were plotting and Allah too was planning, and Allah is the Best of the planners.  

These were the methods that people of Qurish use one or other time during the era of Mecca.

What was the response of Rasulullah(saw) how was he responded:

In Al-bukhari : Khabbab ibn al-Aratt(ra) who went thru a lot , he went to Rasulullah(saw) while he (saw) leaning his back towards Al-Kaba , he walked up to him and said ya “Rasulullah” Oh  Mesenger of Allah ‘why don’t you make dua for us’.

This means they all were going thru a lot of pain and torture, Kabab ibn-al-Araatt(ra) was going thru a lot, one day when Umar(ra) was khalifa, Umar was asking all of the people around to talk about their experiences in Mecca . When the turn of Kabab ibn-AlAraat came he did not speak, but he lift his shirt up and exposed his back, Umar bin Kataab (ra) said I have never seen something like this. Kabab-ibn araat(ra) had deep black holes in his back , He(umar)  asked ‘What happen to you’ when I was in Mecca people of Qurish will bring some rocks and burn them on fire. (Some small rocks) they will burn them until they change red. Qurish will lay them (rocks) on the hot sand in the desert of Mecca and they will throw me on top of it. These rocks will burn thru my flesh and I will hear the burring of my flesh and will smell my fat.

Khabbab ibn al-Aratt(ra), had something to complaint about, this was sever pain he was going thru, He asked “O rasulullah, why don’t you ask Allah to give us victory”. He (saw) sat straight and his face turn red (This will happen to Rasulullah(saw) when he will become angry). Rasulullah(saw) said , The believer among those before you, use to be comb with IRON combs, that to separate the flesh and nerves from their bones but they will never desert their religion and The tyrant will bring one of them (believers’) and place the SWAH on top of their head they will be cut in to two halves yet they ever give up their religion. In the Name of Allah , Allah will give his religion victory, until the traveler goes from sana to all the way to Hadaral mauth fearing no one but Allah.

Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari » Book of Merits of the Helpers in Madinah (Ansaar)
(29) Chapter: (The troubles which) the Mushrikun caused

Narrated Khabbaba:

I came to the Prophet (?) while he was leaning against his sheet cloak in the shade of the Ka`ba. We were suffering greatly from the pagans in those days. i said (to him). "Will you invoke Allah (to help us)?" He sat down with a red face and said, "(A believer among) those who were before you used to be combed with iron combs so that nothing of his flesh or nerves would remain on his bones; yet that would never make him desert his religion. A saw might be put over the parting of his head which would be split into two parts, yet all that would never make him abandon his religion. Allah will surely complete this religion (i.e. Islam) so that a traveler from Sana to Hadra-maut will not be afraid of anybody except Allah." (The sub-narrator, Baiyan added, "Or the wolf, lest it should harm his sheep.").

Reference     : Sahih al-Bukhari 3852
In-book reference     : Book 63, Hadith 78
USC-MSA web (English) reference     : Vol. 5, Book 58, Hadith 191
  (deprecated numbering scheme)

Leassons from this Hadith.

1)    Rasulullah(saw) teaches us that we must be patience: be patience if even you are going thru a lot, be patience, never give up.

2)     Allah(swt) has some laws, you have to go thru the stages, Allah(swt) will not give you the exceptions (unless Allah’s will) you have to go thru what the nations before you go thru. Rasulullah(saw) wanted him ummah to be the best of the nations. If the people of before nations are patience I want my ummah to be more patience, If the people of before nations are strong I want my ummah to be more stronger. , that’s why Rasulullah(saw) was angry , he want the best to be in his ummah. He want his ummah to show the best example. He want to be proud with us on the day of judgment. Therefore brothers and sisters we have to live up to what Rasulullah(saw) except from us. Rasulullah(swa) has stated this in few hadith for example in one hadith Rasulullah(saw) says : “I want you to get married and multiply , because I want to be proud in the numbers on day of judgment”

‘Marry the woman who is fertile and loving, for I will be proud of your great number before (other) nations on the Day of Resurrection.’ [as Reported in Nasai, Mishkat 267 kitabun nikah p. 267, etc]

     And Rasulullah(saw) said in another hadith, I saw a huge nation in front of my eyes, so I asked the angles who are accompanying me, is this my ummah, they said no, this is not your ummah, this is the ummah of Musa (These are bani Israel). (The greatest after the ummah of Rasulullah(Saw) are the children of Israel. ). Angles told me to look at your right side, so I looked and I saw people filling the horizon, they told me look at the left side and I looked and I saw people filling the horizon, The angles told me this is your ummah. An addition to them Allah will give you 70 thousand who will go to paradise without reckoning.


Rasulullah(saw) said, Allah will complete his religion , until the traveler will leave from sana to all the way to Hadar al mouth. Fearing no one but Allah.  How come rasulullah(saw) said/chose Sana and Hadar al mouth .  Rasulullah(Saw) was in Mecca why did’nt he used Mecca as a reference point how come rasulullah(saw) used Sana and Hadar al mouth both of these places are in Yemen. This is something related to some one going through the insecurity in Mecca how come he (Saw) did not mentioned Mecca and Madina , Mecca and hajar , Mecca and sirya or two reference point in another country . There is something interesting in the choice of these two areas of Yemen. Yemen use to be ancillaries a very tribal society . At the time of Rasulullah(saw) these area was covered by full of armed tribes who had constant war between them and they were in rivalry and towards insecure when Islam entered in to Yemen during the time of Rasulullah(Saw) Islam made the whole area peaceful,  Subanallah now when people are getting away from Islam and we are missing the Islamic rules that same area “Sana and Hadar al mouth” today is the most insecure area in Yemen if somebody wants to travel to a particular route that will go to the tribal areas between Sana and HAdaral mouth forget about travelling if you are not armed.

Subhanallah Rasulullah(saw) chose this area which is one of the most insecure area of the world ‘As a reference to say that you cannot have peace without Islam” and this leads to the fifth (5th) lessons that there is no comprehensive peace without unless Islam rings Under Islam people have full peace and that’s the meaning of the word ISLAM “Peace”  another example that how rasulullah(saw) use to deal with such situation of people of Qurish . People of Qurish met to geather and said find somebody who is most expert in Poetry and Magic to go and meat Mohammed (saw) and tell us how to deal with him. So they decided that they are going to send ‘Utbah bin Rabi‘a,” who is expert in these areas

Utbah bin Rabi’a went to Mohammed (saw) and said “Tell me Oh Mohammed who is better you or Abdul-Mutalib”?
These questions are setup in the society of Arabia, they have so much respect and glorification for their ancestry. And the family of Rasulullah(saw) was lineage of nobility so these were held in very high esteem. Not just among the family of rasulullah (Saw) but everyone in Mecca.  “Qusai bin Kilab:”, “Hashim”, “Abdul mutalib” these are the people who are glorified and forget about speaking against any one of them. You just cannot do that. ‘It’s not allowed’ ‘unaccepted’ . so Utbah bin Rabia who is not a descendent  of Banu Hashim is asking Mohammed (SAW) what do you say about your father ‘Abdullah’ tell us what is your opinion about him. What do you say about your grandfather ‘Abdul Mutalib’ these are set of questions? He asked about ‘Abdullah’ rasulullah(saw) remain silent he did not answered he asked him about Abdul Mutalib rasulullah(Saw) did not respond . Then Utbah bin Rabia said if you claim these men are better then you   then the fact is they worshipped the god you have criticized.  If you claim to be better than them then speak so we can hear what you say.  By god we never see any fool who is more harmful to his people then you . You have caused division and dissension among us criticized our religion and so disgrace in the eyes of Arabs that the rumors among them that there is a magician or a sorcerer to mess Quraish . Now Utbah bin rabi’a blaming Rasulullah(saw) for this rumors  that there is a sorcerer in Quraish. Who founded that this rumors started , who is the one who went around telling the people that there is a sorcerer among us , isn’t it the leader of Quraish among them Utbah-bin-Rabia and now he is blaming Mohammed(saw)  because  it effected them and it was an embarrassment for them they are the one who told the Arabs he is the sorcerer and now it’s a embarrassment for them every one among the Arabs tribes speaking about the sorcerer among Quraish.

Further he said By god ‘ it seems it all we have to awake the cry of the pregnant women for us to all to be at one another with swords till we wipe our self out . what he is meant by this is “in a very short time we might be fighting each other in Quraish, because of what you have brought you have created disunity among us , we are about to jump at each other’s swords”
And then he offered him similar offers what do you want ‘Status’ ‘Wealth’ etc to bring the end to us. Rasulullah(saw) allowed Utbah bin Rabiya to go on with this non-sense without interrupting him Rasulullah(saw) was a very good listener even though all of this did not make any sense Rasulullah(Saw) was calm and listening and when Utbah bin Rabia finished Rasulullah(saw) asked him Oh Utbah are  you done ? ,Very Kindly He said Yes.

Rasulullah(saw) did not respond to what he was saying by his own words he started reciting the Ayath from Soorath Fussilath after basmallah (bismillah irrahaman nirrahim)

Surat Fuşşilat (Explained in Detail) Chapter 41:1-3

Ha, Meem,
[This is] a revelation from the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful
A Book whose verses have been detailed, an Arabic Qur'an for a people who know

And went on going on and on its about half a page quite a few Aya. He kept on reciting until he reached the verse which says
“I warn you the terrible punishment like that destroyed Aad and Thamud “

In one narration it says when Rasulullah(Saw) mentioned this Ayay ‘Uthba bin Rabiya’ placed his hand over the mouth of Rasulullah(saw) and urged him to stop . Because  this Ayat (Verse)  is threatening them with punishment and Utbha-bin-Rabia knew this in his deep heart that Mohammed (saw) is truthful he never said anything that did not came to happen and he is threatening with punishment . It might come to happen so I need to stop him and he said I asked you in the name of relationship between us to STOP.

And in another narration it says that Utbha bin rabia went back to the people and told them what happen “ he said that Mohammed recited me Quran and I didn’t understand anything what he was saying except that he threatened us with punishment like the punishment of Aad and Thamud. They (Quraish) told him woe to you , he speaking to you in Arabic and you understand him , then he (utbah) said in the name of ‘Allah;’ I did not understand what he was talking about while the same ayat says that some people have the seal in their heart they will not understand it .

The lesson to learn from this is Rasulullah(saw) dealth with different situation different grace and many times he would use Quran to respond to what they were saying so let’s use Quran , Let’s use concept of Quran in our DAWAH. What is better to use then the words of Allah (azZawjal).


The Story of Bunad-al-azbi, was the man from az-janawah ,a expert spiritual evil healer  (Southern Arabia) . He came in to Mecca  and he heard some of the people of Mecca says that there is a man among us who is obsessed with Jin (they were refereeing to Mohammed (saw)).

With the right intentions Bunad-al-Azbi went to the house of Rasulullah(saw) to offer his help He did not mean anything bad he never met Rasulullah(saw) he does not know him , Since he was a expert healer . He went to Rasulullah(Saw) I heard that you are obsessed with Jin and I am offering my service . If you want I can help you , which is quite improper statement but rasulullah(saw) was very compassionate and understood that this man might have heard some wrong information , Then Rasulullah(saw) started by mentioning the words of Qutubatul Hajah

All Praise is due to Allah. We praise Him, and seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah, Most high, from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds. Whomever Allah guides cannot be misguided, and whomever he leads astray cannot be guided. I testify that there is no true God worthy of being worshipped expect Allah, alone, without partner or associate. I further testify that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger(saw)

The man interrupted Rasulullah(Saw) he stopped him and he said Oh Muhammed can you please repeat those words again , Rasulullah(saw) repeated them again , the man said I have never heard something like this , these words are so wonderful they are going to reach the depth of the ocean . Rasululalh (saw) said then pledge allegiance to me (become a Muslim) immediately he extended his hands and said “Ašhadu an la ilaha illa-llah, wa ašhadu anna Muhammadun Aabduhu wa rasuluh. “.  Rasulullah (saw) said how about you also pledge for your people (your tribe) and he said I will pledge for my people. Subhanallah here we have a man come with one objective meeting Rasulullah(Saw) for few minutes and leaving as a Muslim , he came to heal Rasulullah(saw) but Rasulllah(saw) healed him. He left after this short meeting as a Muslim , that was the personality that Rasulullah(Saw) had , he had so much presence so much influence on people that within a short meeting completely changes the lives and this is the life changing event for that man , becoming a Muslim occurred in one meeting and this is the leadership quality that Allah (Swt) has given Mohammed (Saw) he had this ability to influence all. Subhanallah years later sent an army that passed next to the village of Bunadh . the leader of the Army ask them did you take anything from these people one soldier said that I have taken away from them a strong camel , the Leader of the Army said give it back because  these are the people of Bunadh and Rasulullah(saw) had given them protection, give it back what belongs to them.

An another story , a Man called Amr-bin-adsa. Amr-bin-Adsa was a man from Arabia, He was not from Mecca.

Amr-bin-Adsa speaks about himself the story in Sahih Muslim. He says in the time of Jahaliyan (The time of ignorance) I had belief in my heart that the religion of my people is false and I had no trust for belief in worshiping idols,

 I knew deep in my heart that this is wrong. Then one day I came to know that there was a man in Mecca preaching a new religion. So I immediately went on my camel to meet him so I came in and I have to sneak in to secretly meet him (That is how the difficult condition was in Mecca). That the person from outside Mecca cannot meet Rasulllah(saw) publicly .I came to meet Rasulullah(saw) and I asked him what are you he(saw) said I am a prophet. He asked what does that mean, He(Saw) replied I was sent by ALLAH. What did you sent you with? [For your notice the simplicity of Bedouins . There philosophy is not so complicated] its very simple philosophy as What are you, I am a prophet, what does that mean That means I was sent by ALLAH. What did you sent you with He said he sent me with the message of worshipping him alone, associating no god with him and to destroy idols. HE asked can I follow you , Rasulullah (Saw) said you cannot follow me know, don’t you see my situation but go back to your people when you hear that I prevailed then come and see me (Rasulullah (Saw) knew that he will  prevailed one day ) Amr –bin-Adsa said I left and I constantly asked about news anything that relates to Mohammed (Saw) , With travelers I will always ask them what is happening with Mohammed (Saw) so one day I heard that Mohammed (saw) has migrated to Madina and he has been victorious so I went and meet him in medina. He said I approached Rasulllah (Saw) and I asked him ‘Do you know me’ (This meeting now after years, after he met Rasulllah(Saw) only once for very short time)  Rasulullah(Saw) said ‘Yes’ you are the man came and met me in Mecca. (A another leadership Quality, you know your followers, you remember them and you remember their names, you know about them, For ex Sulaiman (as) was instructing their armies he knows that his armies was composed of Humans, Jins, Birds, and many form of lives, with all this he noticed the absence of one soldier “hoopoe” (or al hudrath) a bird, he asked where is ‘hoopoe’(or al hudrath))

So Rasulullah(Saw) remembered Amr-bin-adsa years after he met him , then Amr bin-adsa asked Oh messenger of Allah teach me of the knowledge that Allah has thought you , tell me about Solath then Rasulullah(saw) describe how to pray and he asked teach me about Wudoo,Then Rasulullah(Saw) tought him about Wudoo .
 End of Part - 10