(Sallalahu Alayhe Wassalam) 


Part - 11

Story of Abu-Dar(ra) of Imam Ahmad version:

Abu Dar (ra) stated that , me my brother and my mother  left our land of Gifaar because our people use to be
disrespectful of the Al Ashru Hurm  [Three are in succession Dhul-Qa' da, Dhul-Hijja and Muharram, and (the fourth is) Rajab] These are four months in which the Arabs use to consider sacred , This will give them a break  from warfare., so they will not allow killing during these four months and it was a firm tradition among them that not to break the sanctity of these four months . The people of Gaffar were different. These are the profession raiders of caravans they did not care about Ashrul Huram and all these stuff.  They were Bedouins who raid caravans , Steal , Kill , corrupts and they did not follow any rules or customs . These are the people of Ghifar . They had the bad reputation among the people of Arabia That these people don’t abide any rules, they are violent.

Abu-Dhar (ra) before Islam he disagree with this style of Life , So he his brother and mother decided to leave Ghifar. They visited his Uncle , who use to be a member of a Different Tribe , they stayed with them and Abu Dar said he was very generous and hospitable to us , very kind . But his relatives were becoming Jealous. They (his relatives) went to the uncle of Abu-Dar and told him that when you were on Travel in your absence. Abu-Dar’s brother by name ‘Ana hunaiz’  he goes and visits your wife and he is interested in her . His Uncle went to Abu-Dhar and Hunaiz mentioned to them what he heard. Abu-Dhar was very angry and upset and said all of the good that you have done to us , you have cancelled it. All of your hospitality and kindness is gone and immediately packed up and left

Abu-Dhar said that my uncle felt very sorry about that and he wrapped himself in a cloth and crying but Abu-Dhaar said we were so angry and we just left. Now they settled in a place close to Mecca. He said his brother Hunaiz wanted to do some business in Mecca and he met a man who claimed to be a prophet (he met Mohammed saw). So Hunaiz came back and said I found a man who is preaching a new religion (Worshiping Allah alone).  Abu-Dhar said at that time I have already Worshipped Allah for 3 years and I revolt all of the worshiping of Idols (I renounced it) [SubhanAllah , This is fitra that guides some people and tells them this is false].

Abu-Dhar was asked , how you were praying to Allah. He said I would pray any direction that Allah points me to, and I would pray in the manner that Allah guide me to and i will pray at night until I fall asleep and only the sun will wake me in the morning . Abu-Dhar asked his brother Hunaiz “What does he teach” , Hunaiz mentioned some of the teachings of Islam that he learned from Rasulullah(saw) and he asked what people saying about him. Hunaiz responded that people are saying that he is a magician, Sorcerer , and he went on with the list. Abu-Dar said you have’nt satisfied my hunger and said I want to go to investigate the matter myself. What the people says might not be necessarily be right. The media of Mecca of the day they have all of these label They will brand Rasulullah(saw) with but Abu-Dhar did not have any trust in what the people are saying , he wanted to go and meet  to hear it from the Messenger himself .  [This is what a Muslim is require to do “Verify It” Allah(Swt) says when you receive any information ‘Verify it”. That’s where our scholars learnt the science of Hadith, they will verify, It’s not just enough to hear the haidth narrated by someone.  When ever they hear the hadith they will say mentioned the names of your men, where did you hear this from..?]

Abd-Dhar said, he went in to Mecca and Asked the first person he saw in Mecca and I asked can you please guide me towards Mohammed(saw). He said That man immediately started calling the Man of Qurish and they started throwing me with stones, rocks whatever they could get in their hands until I felt unconscious, he said by the time I woke up I was like “nusub-ahamar’ nusub: People of Qurish use to have the stones, idols for which they will slaughter their animals so they will be soaked with blood. That is the description that Abu-Dar gave to himself that he was socked by the blood (like a red pole) from head to toe due to stone attack by Qurish. He went to well of Zam Zam to drank water and washed the blood of my body then went to next to al-Kaba . In the narration of Imam Ahamed he stayed there for Thirty Days by not knowing where to meet Rasulullah(saw). He said, He did not had any food for entire period except drinking the water of ZAM ZAM

Physicians can tell us that a person can survive by drinking water for quite a while so that may be not such a surprise , but the surprise is Abu-Dar said I started picking up Weight until I was getting folds on my stomach. Abu Dhar stated he then saw two women making Tafaaf and they touch Isaf and Naila in every turn. [ Asaf, a man, and Naila, a woman, who were in love and they could not get marry , they had an appointment to meet next to al-Kabba and they intended to fornicate next to the house of Allah. Allah(Swt) turn them in to stones on the spot. After the passage of some period the musrikeen of Qurish started worshipping them , this show you when you open the flood gate of Shaitan you cannot close it , it will throw you in depth of darkness, which is spiral once you get in you never come out, darkness after darkness one veil after another] . the story of Idol worshiping actually started as erecting status after righteous man die, shaytan came to the people of Nuh (as) told them after the righteous man passed away , why don’t you erect the status of these righteous man so that they will remind you about Allah. He came like teaching them good so they did that then after few generation He (shaytan) started telling them Worship them that’s how the idol worshiping grew

Back to the story of Abu-Darr, these two women will touch and worship Isaf and Naila in every turn of tafaaw.  Abu Dhar  after seeing this threw out a comment  to those women, why don’t you make them to have intercourse one with other , either the women did not understood or did not believe what they heard, they continued.  When Abu-Dhar saw that his words did not deter them. HE threw out a harsh and indecent comment, now the women understood and started screaming over Abu-Dhar and ran to Mohammed (saw) and Abu-bakr (ra).   When these women enquired they said that man spoke the word that filths the mouth , something that is unspeakable . Rasulullah(saw) and Abu-Bkr (ra) went to this man (Abu-Dhar) and they started conversation.
Rasulullah(saw) asked Abu-dhar Where are you from?

He (Abu-Dhar) said I am from Ghifaar. Then Rasulullah(saw) placed his hand on his forehead ,Rasulullah(saw) was amazed and surprised to see somebody from Ghifaar. From Ghifar coming to Mecca in search of the truth, The people of Ghiffaar who raid Caravans , the one who do not follow any rules or any customs  and he is searching for the truth in Mecca where people in Mecca who are the religious authority of Arabia are rejecting my message.   Abu-Dhar said , I felt that He (saw) might have dislike that I mentioned that I am from Ghifaar. Abu-Dhar extended his hand to pull his (saw) hand from his forehead then Abu bark push my hand and told me to put my hand down. Then the conversation continued and Abu-Dhar end up in Embracing Islam

Rasulullah(saw) told Abu-Dhar  to keep your Emaan Secret , Abu-Dhar went out next day to the people of Qurish told the shahada in front of them rather than keep his Emaan secret. He did not care about the consequences.   They (Qurish) gathered around him and beat  him up so hard that he was gone die, until Al-Abbas bin Abdul Mutalib came and said them do you know where this man is from? Just one question and Al-Abas bin Abdul Mutalib told them he is from Gifaar, immediately all the Quraish ran away.  He (Abu-Dharr) did the same thing next day.

He did same thing 2 and 3rd day. Everyday same thing will happen, they will come and beat him up until Al-Abbas (ra) come and tell the new group of the people who are beating him that this man is from Giffaar.

Al-Abbas (ra) said them “if you know if this man gets killed by you then none of your trade will make it safely to Syria. They are going to take revenge of you .
Rasulullah (saw) then told Abu-Dharr  go back to your people and convey the message to them and when you hear that I prevailed then come to me.
How long did Abu-dharr lived/stayed with Rasulullah(saw), Quite a short time-

How much did he learn from him, probably not a lot, few verses and Few hadith , that’s was it.

Abu Dharr went back to his people in Giffaar and he started giving them da’wah. Slowly and slowly people were accepting Islam among the people of Giffaar. He said, “By the time Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) made hijrah, almost half of my tribe was Muslim. Then we decided to go and visit Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) and the rest of the tribe have said, ‘When Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) arrives and when we go and meet him, we will become Muslim’” So now the whole tribe is Muslim. All of them are Muslim. The other half just said that, “We are going to wait, it is a matter of time and then we will become Muslim” and they did. So when Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) was in Madinah they saw in the horizon this dust cloud, sign of an army approaching, large group of people

So some of the sahabas rushed to the weapons thinking that may be an army is approaching us , but Rasulullah(saw) said “Kun Abaa Darr” (ie) be Abu-Dharr  and Prophesy of Rasulullah(saw) was true. Its Abu-Dhar and all of his tribe Al-ghifaar coming to take Pledge their allegiance to Rasulullah(saw) the entire tribe . There was a rivalry between two tribes Gifaar and Aslam. When Aslam heard that Gifaar become Muslims and went out to pledge allegiance to Rasulullah(saw) , they immediately went to Rasulullah(saw) and said we also want to become Muslim.
Then Rasulullah(saw) oh Gifaar may Allah forgive them and Aslam may Allah give them peace. All this started by the work of one man. And how much this man knows? Was he a scholar at that time? No. He just knows few Ayaat at that time (only later on he came to know lot of things). But at that stage he just spent few days with Rasulullah(saw) ,That’s what it. All of the Giffaar become muslim. 

The last people in the desert that would accept Islam they did become Muslims.

Leasson from the story of Abu-dhaar(ra)

1)    “Wa Alladheena ahtada wa zada humuAllah hada”  The one who search for guidance Allah will give it to them., Abu-dhar investigated the matter and Allah showed him the light , showed him the truth

2)    Rasulullah (saw) say’s “Balighu anni walau ayat” – convey even one verse from me. What ever you have convey it teach it. Dont keep it to yourself

3)    Courage : Abu-Dhar as an example of the person who has courage :
One of the reasons why Allah(swt) chose them to be the barrier of the message because they had simplicity , courage , honesty , and they had commitment to the cause , when they believe in something then they will commit their lives to it.

4)    Verifying the truth: Just because of the people says that he is a sorcerer, liar, magician doesn’t mean anything . You have to go to the source and verify the information yourself.  Allah (swt) has given you a mind , Allah (swt) has given you intelligence , so use it  . don’t just follow what the people are saying .   Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) said that “Don’t be an Imma’” and when he was asked what is the meaning of Imma’, he said, “Whenever the people say ‘Yes’ you say ‘Yes’ and whenever they say ‘No’ you say ‘No’”. Don’t just follow.

5)    “La tahtiranna min al ma’rufi shai an wa la antalka hakabi wajab hasan al falq” Rasulullah (Sallallahu ‘alaihiwassalam) says in this hadith “Do not belittle any good deed even it is as small as smiling in the face of your brother”. Don’t belittle anything. Whatever good there is don’t consider it to be insignificant because everything good is significant and may be that small thing will make a difference on the Day of Judgment for you and it will be the criterion between Hell fire and Paradise. May be one small deed that you would do which you don’t pay any attention to will take the scale to your side for your favour. And how do we derive this lesson from the story of Abu Dharr? Abu Dharr (Radiallahu anhu), he learned very little and all what he wanted was to propagate the message and maybe he never expected that this small effort of his would end up causing the whole tribe of Ghiffar and the whole tribe of Aslam to become Muslim. May be he only thought that he could convince a few group of people, may be a few of his relatives but for this work to end up bearing the fruits of two major tribes becoming Muslim couldn’t have crossed Abu Dharr’s mind. But you throw the seed and Allah (Subhahana wa ‘Ta’ala) will make it grow. There is a hadith by the way that says that – A person might speak a word that might please Allah and they don’t pay attention to it but Allah (Subhahana wa ‘Ta’ala) will raise them up levels because of that and a person might speak a word that will anger Allah and because of that they will be thrown in Hell fire. It’s a matter of a word here or there.

Amr ibn al-`As: (ra) Amr belonged to the Banu Sahm[1] clan of the Quraysh. Assuming he was over ninety years old when he died, he was born before 573. He was the son of Layla bint Harmalah aka "Al-Nabighah".[2] Before his military career, Amr was a trader, who had accompanied caravans along the commercial trading routes through Asia and the Middle East, including Egypt.[3] Amr ibn ul Aas was born in Mecca, Arabia and died in Egypt. He was a shrewd, highly intelligent man who belonged to the nobility of the Quraysh. He fought with the Quraysh against Islam in several battles. He went to fight the Muslims when he saw them praying with the prophet, he got highly interested and tried to find out more about Islam. He was determinedly hostile to Islam. In fact he was Quraysh’s envoy to the Negus, the ruler of Abyssinia. Once he converted to Islam with Khalid ibn al-Walid, he became a great commander fighting for the Islamic cause. Amr ibn ul aas mosque, the first mosque in Africa, was built under the patronage of Amr ibn ul aas. He came to Egypt as the commander in chief of the Arab troops in 640 AD.

Al-Hirja to Al-habasha:

There were two migrations that happen to al-Habasaha. The first one happen in the fifth year of revelation and it was compose of small group 12 man and 4 women.

The second Hijra (migration) was a larger group and it was composed of 83 men and 18 or 19 women this is more of a strategic migration they did not go as a one group.

How come there are two migration to Al-Habasaha: when the first group went to al-habasah , they heard a roamer  that people of Qurish has become Muslims. Rasulullah(saw) reveived the ayath of Surath-al-Najam. [chapter 54 of AlQuran] and he recited those verses and those verses are so powerful , that it has so much effect on people of Qurish when they heard the last Ayayt (verse) which is an ayay of sujood (prostration)

Rasulllah(saw) and Muslims made sujoodh the kuffaar made sujood with them they were so enthusiasm  with the ayath , they made sujood with the muslims and this was the origin of the false roamer that the people of Qurish become muslim.
So we have a grope who once made Hijra and come back to Mecca to find out that it was a false roamer and we had another hijra which was a larger group.

Rasulullah(saw) , when he saw the pain and suffering that his companions are going thru.  He said why don’t you go to al-Habasaha. Because there lives a king who does not oppress anyone.  The king is just and he does not oppress anyone. So they went to Al-habasah and the first to lead was Uthman-ibn-Afaan (ra) and his wife the daughter of Rasulullah(saw) . There is a narration that says that  Uthman-ibn-Afaan and his wife are the first to make the hijra in the sake of Allah. After Luth(as)

They went to al-Habasaha and second group came in, so they left Mecca , is that mean that the people of Qurish will leave them alone now? Even though the Muslims in Abyssinia were not threat to Mecca politically, they were no threat to economical interest of Mecca. Nevertheless the people of qurish did not want to leave Muslims alone, in another words even if you left us alone we are not going to leave you alone. We are going to stay after you until we destroy your religion.  So the people of Qurish assembled the delegation to go and meet with an-najashih to ask him to turn over the Muslims. Who did they choose for this mission? Amr ibn-al-Aas and Abdullah ibn Abi’Rabiya in one narration and Amr-bin-Rabiya in another narration.but the central figure here is Amr-ibn’As.

Amr ibn al-`As was a diplomat, was a very intelligent man of qurish , he had wide connections , he was the friends of the kings of the Worlds at that time. So he was the right person to choose. And he was the master minded in plotting and planning. You can see that he is very good in conspiracies against the Muslims, that was the personality of Amr ibn al-`As before Islam.  Amr ibn al-`As went to an-najashi , the plan was that he will go and meet the top officials firsts. And he is going to give everyone of them a gifts or another words bribes. And he is going to present to them his case and say that in your land are some fools who ran away from Mecca we wanted to turn them over, so he wants to work it out from all of the top officials before he meets to an-najashi so when he talks to the najashi and he consults his officials they will give him all unified opinion that you should hand him over.

So he went to every one of them had a meeting with every one of them and gave them gifts, then he went to meet An-Najashi and he has told the officials that I prefer that you hand us over these people without having them to meet An-Najashi , I don’t want them to meet An-Najashi because their words are very effective, they (Amr ibn al-`As  and his team ) feared Quran .
He (Amr ibn al-`As) worked out the plan and went to meet An-Najashi, He told An-Najashi that some fools among us who came to your land we know them and they left our religion and they did not follow yours. And he went on and on , we want you to hand them over to us. All the officials are already there, they all said “Yes” hand them over.
An-Najashi said No, I will not hand over people who sought refuge over in my land, until I heard their side of the story. See the just that Najashi had and the choice of Rasulullah(saw) to have the sahabas to go to the right place.

Najashi called the Muslims to come and meet him , the Muslims received the message , they were told that Amr ibn al-`As has met with the Najashi and Najashi wants to meet you , they (Muslim) had the shoora /advice and Jaffar ibn abi-Tallib to be their spokes man , the only spokesmen and they are going to speak the truth.

They went and meet An-Najashi and Najashi asked them what religion are you following, you left the religion of your people and you did not join my religion and you did not join any other religions of the world , who are you?

There is a hadith narrated by Umm-salama (Rah) , its narrates the speech of Jaffar ibn abi-Talib gave in front of An-Najashi. I want to read it to you exact words of Jaffar (Ra) because there is lot to learn from this presentation

Ja‘far ibn Ab(ra) T?lib: also known as Ja‘far at-Tayy?r, was the son of  and the elder brother of the fourth  caliph, Ali ibn Abi Talib. Jafar was raised by his uncle, Abbas ibn 'Abdul Muttalib, He embraced Islam in around 613. Jafar left his uncle Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib’s house when he became a young man and got married to Asma bint Umays. They were among the very first persons to embrace Islam, and as a result suffered greatly at the hands of the Quraish. The Quraish restricted their movements and freedom until they could not bear it anymore. Rasulullah(saw) asked them to immigrate to Ethiopia along with a small group of Sahabas.

Umm-salama (Rah) : Her real name was Hind and she was among those hounded and persecuted by the Quraysh. Umm Salama and her husband, Abd-Allah ibn Abd-al-Asad, were among[3] the first who converted to Islam. Only Ali(ra) and a few others were Muslims before them.  Her husband was killed from the wounds he received in the Battle of Uhud (23 March 625).[1][2] She had four children with Abdullah before she married Muhammad(saw)

Jaffar (Ra) said : ( Jaffar (ra) is the cousin of Raslullah(saw) and brother of Ali-bin-abiTalib(ra).) We were the people of polytheism we worshipped Idols, ate the meat of animals that had died, offended rules of hospitality and permitted things forbidden, and shedding one another’s blood and so on.. We completely ignored matters that right and wrong. So God sends to us a Prophet.  (Notice the opening of the speech is talking about their background, and the tactic of arranging the speech, keep in mind Jaffar (ra) is talking to some one who have no background about Islam and someone Christian and a King) He gave him the background of the information of who we use to be. This was our situation. He gave an impression that we use to live in chaotic state and then he said so God send to us a Prophet from among ourselves whose honesty and trustworthiness we knew well. With this statement he has established credibility.

So now An-Najashi knows that Mohammed (saw) is among the people his people know him very well, they know his trustworthiness and they know his truth. He summoned us to pray to God alone and without associates. Told us to respect the rights of kingship, To honour rights of hospitality, To pray to God the almighty, the glorious, to fast for him and to worship not other than him. Here he gave him (An-Najashi) issues of Tawhid, oneness of Allah and also the morals that Islam teaches, he gave him (An-Najashi) little bit of both. He said, so he called us to God to affirm his oneness, to worship him and tear down all the stones, Idols that we and our forefather worshipped apart from him.  He ordered us to be truthful in our speech, To keep our trust, to respect kingship ties and hospitality rights, and to abandon things that are forbidden and shedding of blood. He forbade us to do anything immoral, to tell lies, to misuse the fund of orphans, and to make false acquisition against women of virtue. He ordered us to worship God and associate no other God with him. He told us to pray, to give arms and to fast; he enumerated all aspects of Islam.

 [Does any one have any disagreement from anything that Jaffar(Ra) said?. True, trustworthiness. Its important when you are speaking to someone who does not know anything about Islam, to show them the aspects of Islam , Good teaching of Islam. Some times in our Dawah we assume that people know that Islam teaches well but many don’t.  Jaffar (Ra) took that in to consideration so went through the morals and character buildings that Islam promotes. In addition to talking about the Ibadath, he spokes about Solah (Prayer), Zakah and Siyam (fasting) and also he spoke about Tawhid which is very important to presents (ie) worship of Allah alone and tearing down the Stones and Idols. You can also notice it was very brief until the point, he did not go on and on in details, He did not turn in to argument or debate, because remember he is dealing with a King. You cannot argue with such a person if you want to bring him closer to Islam. So he made it a very short and brief presentation, a complete and comprehensive, there is nothing missing. ]

So we believed in him and we trusted him, following him in the instructions that he brought from God. We worship God alone without partner and associating no one with him. We forbade what he has forbidden, and consider permissible what he allowed us. But our people aggress against us and harmed us, seeking to draw us out of our face, to return us to worship Idols instead of God and to have us again consider permissible the abomination that we had previously allowed. When they treated us with violence and persecution , they seized us and prevented us from performing our religion we left for your country and chose you above others, we desire your hospitality and hope that we will not be harmed in your domain oh King. (wonderful ending, lets look at the statements before that)
He said:

Our people Aggressed against us, harmed us, they tried to force us to give up our faith, they beseeched us , they persecuted us, Dont you thing that this will strike the chord with the Najashi coming from Christian background. That stresses the issue of suffering and sacrifice.
So these words must have brought An-Najashi closer and would thrown his heart feelings of mercy towards these people and feeling of share of something we have common between us. This sufferings sounds like of suffering that Isa(as) went through, sound similar to what prophets went thru. Because this is a man who is deep in his religion and at the end Jaffar (Ra) said the reason why we came here because we’re looking for your hospitality and we chose you out of all other kings of the World.
An-Najashi replied, (Nagus is the translation of Najashi) Did you bring anything with you from what he(Rasulullah (saw)  brought. (Najashi want to hear Quran) Jafar (Ra) recited some Ayat of Quran. Which Ayat did he chose?

There are many Ayat that he can chose, but he chose Soorath Maryam, (look at the choice of the Ayat, ) he recited to him the verses from soorath Maryam.

Umm-salama (rah) said that I swear, that Negus wept so hard his beared was socked and his entire bishop cried so hard they wet their bibles, so it must have been emotional presentation and recitation. To cause the Nagus the King and his bishop to cry, Nagus wetted his beared and bishop wetted their bibles which were in front of them, 

So it caused Najashi to weep .